Tips: Acknowledging your Emotional Intelligence (EI)

True Fact Emotional Intelligence (EI) influences our everyday norm whether we admit it or not.  Often times it is mistaken as having too much charisma or as a vast majority would love to believe it just does not believe it exists.  In approach social awareness element of Emotional Intelligence. It can be an ambiguous yet vague perception.

A self-awareness approach is what it reads plain and simple yourself as you really are.  It is deeper than understanding favorites, likes, and dislikes BUT rather getting in touch with your inter-emotions.  This draws the direction of this blog post to the focus of your feelings positive and negative.  Sounds pretty simple, right? You will be amazed at the techniques we all have developed to ignore these inter-emotions. I challenge you to take a moment to think about those techniques.

Here’s a reality when you neglect to acknowledge these feelings and surpass them these emotions (feelings) ALWAYS have a strange way of resurfacing.  A word of caution ignoring these feelings have an interesting way of causing a dominion effect later during an unwanted event causing major damages.  Opening up the effect of social awareness a little more. Here are some starter tips for reducing these feelings here are my Greater Opportunity (GO).

  1. Lean into your discomfort
  2. Know who and what pushes your buttons
  3. Visit your beliefs and check yourself

Cool Fact: Superstar celebrity the late Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as “Prince” was good at balancing his social awareness. 

Camellia’s Blog Moments

Can you remember the last time you were able to bounce back from a challenging moment?  If you can how fast, did it happen? I am thinking when your very own Iyania Vanzant was nowhere to be found.  Chances are you probably reached out to someone close to you (family or close friend) to aid you in the regaining you at that moment.  The bounce back you needed at that moment was something we identify with as resilience.

A relatable definition of resilience would have the ability to recover from severe situations along with springing back into shape. This is also known as elasticity. Elasticity is appropriate for every individual because I believe it is always our initial intent to preserve during the challenging moments.

Nevertheless, however, and whatever alter our initial intent it tests our mental temperature gauge.  I believe it is an essential asset every individual should tuck away in a secret place. My hope is at this very moment you are asking yourself what the status of my resilience is? Do you need reach someone else to bring you rational thoughts? Have you developed a posture of isolation to begin your bounce back? The reality is whatever your current status. It seems always to be tested at the height of great things.  One of the keys to overcoming is understanding that it last as long as your mind will embrace negatives presented as a defeat.

How quick can you apply your resilience establishes your foundation for the recovery in the challenging situations.